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The name Sofra comes from a Turkish word that denotes a low table, around which one sits on the floor or on cushions, with one’s legs crossed. The history of Sofra is linked to the history of Bosnian cuisine, into which the fact that Bosnia is a land that exists on a border between the East and the West.

The greatest impact on Bosnia was certainly left by the Turks during their reign, but numerous other cultures had a say. For example, Burek originates from Persia and has been part of the traditional Bosnian cusine since 1462, when it appeared on the menu of a Sarajevska aščinica (a traditional Bosnian restaurant). At Sofra, we blend the most sophisticated Bosnian specialties with an indigenous Bosnian atmosphere, a tradition we have nourished at all Sofra restaurants. At both locations in Zagreb, Sofra is synonymous with the best and finest Bosnian food, dishes that offer a food experience of an almost forgotten past. Sofra opened in 2006, at a now well-known address in the Borovje Village of Zagreb. Our tasty story continues with the opening of a Sofra restaurant in the Point Shopping Centre in 2014. Sofra is designed for everyone who wants excellent food prepared according to traditional recipes but also novelties from our offer.

We invite you to visit us at Point and try all the delicacies we prepare for you daily.

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