Rudeška cesta 169a, 10000 Zagreb,

Point Carwash

Point car wash is a professional manual car wash located in the garage of Point Shopping Center on level -2. Its employees’ years of experience are the guarantee for high-quality and professional service. Each client’s needs are responded to individually, offering a choice of services which will make your car clean and spotless again.

Point car wash offers its clients services including a full wash, cleaning the underside with high-pressure rotating nozzles, hand-wash with active foam, extra layer of coating on the hubcaps, hand drying, manual waxing, cleaning car floor mats, window cleaning, both inside and outside, tire coating, motor cleaning, vacuuming of the interior, cleaning the interior with protective liquid, protective coating of the seat leather, brushing and vacuuming the carpet, rubber mat cleaning, scent of choice. You can find out more about Point car wash at

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