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POINT Underground Garage

Reserve your parking space at the POINT underground garage!

Don’t waste time waiting in line at the parking entrance or searching for a free parking space. Buying an annual long-term ticket can save you up to 900 kn. Park your car without worry or hassle using the night hours when the garage is accessible only to users with long-term parking tickets.

Make a reservation for your ticket now and rest easy for a whole month or a year:

Underground garage

POINT underground garage is located at the heart of Vrbani, it is open all year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and it offers a spacious, modern and technically top equipped parking space.

POINT underground garage has 500 parking spaces on two underground floors, covering a space of 12,000 m². It has one entrance and one exit. Visitors can pay at one of the three automated payment machines that operate 24 hours a day, or at the kiosk when exiting the garage during working hours.

The garage is under a 24-hour video surveillance (covered by multiple cameras).

For more information:

Tel: +385 1 5625 660 / +385 1 5625 662



5,00kn per hour (Mondays – Sundays, including holidays, 24 hours a day)

Monthly ticket

Monthly ticket for private individuals – 200,00 kn, VAT included

Monthly ticket for business entities – 300,00 kn, VAT included

Annual ticket

Annual ticket for private individuals – 1500,00 kn, VAT included

Annual ticket for business entities – 2500,00 kn, VAT included

*Loss of parking ticket: 200,00 kn
**Loss of monthly/annual parking ticket: 50,00 kn
***Rates applied starting April 1, 2020.


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