Rudeška cesta 169a, 10000 Zagreb,

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Point. Right here!
Point is the first real neighborhood shopping center in the area. In fact, it is much more than just a shopping center. Located in the very center of Vrbani III, it occupies the function of the „central square“, and a gathering point for all the neighborhood residents. Point brings together a large group of stores, services and contents, providing its visitors with a whole range of options: from everyday shopping to recreation, parties and meeting up with friends.
In addition to finding different brands here, at Point you can stop by the post office, bank, hair dresser or restaurant, all this while your kids are playing in the play area.
After finishing up your chores, you can visit the biggest fitness center in the western part of the city, with a surface of 800 m², which offers individual and group training. After your workout, stop by the terrace, where you will find a cafe and a restaurant, the right place to relax, meet friends, and enjoy a concert.
For those who love numbers, Point has a surface of 40,000 m², with three floors below and three floors above ground. Its visitors have over 50 stores and service businesses to choose from. It has excellent connections to public transport, and is located right next to Jarun Lake, eagerly awaiting your visit.

Point is located in the very center of Vrabi III, an attractive residential neighborhood of Zagreb. If you don’t happen to live in Vrbani, you can reach Point easily by:
Point is located right alongside Horvaćanska Street, one of the most frequented roads in Zagreb. Just follow the signs and park in the underground garage, you will have free parking while staying at the shopping center.
If you are located in the center or the eastern part of the city, you can take the 5 or 17 tram, and get out on the Rudeška cesta stop. Across the street, you will find Point.

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