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Ciciban has been a synonym for high-quality children’s clothing for decades in this region. In addition to the modern and attractive design in line with modern trends, the key feature of Ciciban shoes is the fact that they will ensure a healthy and proper development of kids’ feet.

As most kids make their first steps between the ages of 9 and 18 months, they require a great deal of attention and care during that early age of development. Ciciban has continuously worked with top experts as well as local kindergartens and schools. This kind of collaboration has allowed us to test every model of shoe in every size before launching them on the market.

Most Ciciban shoes are produced in Slovenija, in the town of Miren, famous for a century-old tradition of shoe production. The company follows the newest technological and mechanical innovations that guarantee quality and precision in production. At the same time, Ciciban remains committed to the idea that skillful hands play the key role in the quality of the shoes.

In addition to the quality of the products, the company is also distinguished for its productivity, which is exemplified by the fact that Ciciban produces over 2 500 pairs of shoes a day, all of which are overseen by over 70 qualified members of personnel.

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