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Your pets are welcome at Point Shopping Center.


The Centre’s common area has open access to cats and dogs, whereas it is up to each tenant in the Center to decide whether pets are allowed at their respective stores.

We ask you to attend to your pet’s behaviour during your visit to the center so as not to disturb the other visitors.

We also ask you to respect the decision of each tenant about whether or not they allow access to pets on their premises.

Cats are allowed at the Center when carried in cages, baskets or carriers.

When visiting the Center with a dog, we ask you to follow the Pet Code bellow:

Pet Code

Visitors may take well-behaved leashed dogs into the Centre’s common areas, parking lot, garage spaces and green surfaces under the following conditions:

  1. Dogs must at all times be kept on a short leash during their stay at the Center. Dangerous dogs and dogs weighing over 30 kilograms must carry a muzzle. The term “dangerous dogs” refers to the breeds described in the “Dangerous Dogs Code of Regulations” (NN 117/08) –
  2. When visiting the Center dogs must at all times be under the direct supervision of their owners. The owners must be over 18 years old and legally responsible for the behaviour of their dogs according to the principle of objective responsibility.
  3. If at any point an employee of the Center determines that a dog’s behaviour is disturbing the Center tenants or visitors, or determines that a dog is behaving aggressively, they may request the owner to leave the Center with their pet.
  4. Tenants may independently decide whether to allow access to dogs on their premises.
  5. Dog owners are required to immediately, without delay, collect their dogs’ waste on the Centre’s premises.


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