Rudeška cesta 169a, 10000 Zagreb,

Torterie Macaron

Patisserie was named after macarons, and our desserts stand out due to the quality of our selected ingredients, which undergo stringent quality checks. Patisserie Torterie Macaron opened its doors in 2015, and quickly became known for our Ferrerito cakes and our even better cheese cake – as well as many other pastries.

Torterie Macaron has created a well-recognised confectionery brand in just a few years, guaranteeing the quality of sweets and delight for every palate. Their ice cream is considered one of the best.

Handmade macarons, creamy cakes, top-quality chocolate and premium ice cream… Torterie Macaron desserts have long since won the hearts of sweet-tooths from all walks of life. Now they have gone a step further, and so their favorite desserts are presented with a new concept, open in the modern urban area of Vrbani, on the large terrace of the Point Shopping Center.

The inspiration for the decor was the traditional French patisseries which combine classical elements with pastel colours on the inside. This new space is where the visual rebranding for patisserie Torterie Macaron was introduced for the first time.

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