Rudeška cesta 169a, 10000 Zagreb,


In over five decades of its existence, Dubravica has grown from a small family business to a leading chain of bakeries in Croatia. It now has 33 bakeries in the most heavily trafficked locations in Zagreb. By the end of April, they will be joined by the newest addition in Point Shopping Center.

The essential values that have ensured Dubravica the title of one of Zagreb’s most popular bakeries include:

Tradition: Bread and baked goods are prepared using original recipes and local ingredients, and they require a great deal of effort and manual labor from Dubravica’s hardworking employees. Then there is also the traditional brick oven that gives Dubravica’s products that unique taste, reminiscent of our childhood.

Quality: The bread at Dubravica requires the best ingredients and baking methods: from the carefully selected flour made at local mills, water enriched by a special treatment of whirling that brings out the qualities of natural spring water, the carefully grown yeast, and the soft touch of first-rate modern technology.

Innovation: Although the bakery’s recipes and baking methods, designed over 50 years ago by the chain’s founder, Franjo Mikelec, are still treasured today, Dubravica continuously enriches its offer with new products in response to new understandings about dieting and the needs of consumers.

You can find 154 types of products at Dubravica every day: from thirty kinds of bread and imaginative baking goods and treats, to healthy saladss, pizzas, sandwiches and pastas.

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